wedding photography

At the start of 2020 I embarked on a new venture with my friend & fellow photographer Mark Bowen.

At Bowen & Maggs Wedding Photography we believe two heads are better than one. That’s why we offer two photographers instead of just one.

Just like you, we understand the limitations of the single life. That’s why we offer two photographers, working in tandem, to capture more highlights of your big day.

Both of us (Mark Bowen and James Maggs) have extensive photography experience through decades of work in the media and what’s more we believe in keeping things simple.

We don’t confuse a happy couple with a pair of fashion models. We won’t force you to pose for an endless series of photos while your guests are enjoying the hospitality.

Our style is much more laid back. We let you tell us what you want and we won’t get in the way of enjoying your big day.

We capture events naturally as they unfold and should you wish to have formal portraits taken of just the two of you we will ensure it’s an enjoyable experience.

We offer a quality, affordable service and will provide you with a beautiful set of photographs by which to remember your day.

We even have a straightforward pricing plan to make life simpler and we pride ourselves on offering an incredibly competitive package.

So why not get in touch and take advantage of our introductory offer?

Please take a look at some of my previous wedding photos in the wedding photography gallery & feel free to contact me if you have any questions.